Why am I writing the mf Framework

I suppose the question of why write yet another framework should be answered to some degree. Over the many years of working with JavaScript developers from junior to senior I have noted a common theme. In almost every case the developer indicates that they know this framework or another framework yet none of them seem to understand how it is written. It is akin to knowing how to drive a car yet not understanding how it works. I think that is a dangerous mindset for both driving and writing JavaScript.

All JavaScript frameworks have common methods each with its’ own unique slant on implementation. All frameworks consist of browser sniffers, DOM normalization plus Event and Component Management along with methods to make life a little easier for the programmer. Each of these concepts offer the same or similar implementation yet there seems to be a gross lack of understanding on how they work.

So the goal of creating the mf framework is to demonstrate to JavaScript developers the basic concepts of how frameworks are put together in order to further their understanding of other frameworks. So like driving a car you should have some idea of how the engine actually works!

So, in the next several months I will be building up the framework piece by piece with one or more blog posts on each of the components that will constitute the end product.  Once I have the framework developed to a certain point I will also be placing it up on Google code for people to play with, enhance or throw mean reviews back at me.



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