mf Object Methods Part 1 {mf.object}

This is a series of posts that explains some of the fundamental rules for developing complex JavaScript applications and the mf framework.

It has been a few weeks since I wrote a post on mf but this has most been due to the time it took to complete all of the object methods available.  Object methods along with array methods are some of the most important methods that any framework can have and as such taking some extra time is required. At present there are 28 methods written and fully tested. Given this number it would obviously be far to much for one single blog post. As a result I will be writing several blog posts each covering several methods at a time. In this post I will discuss the following methods:

  • mf.object.each
  • mf.object.deepEach
  • mf.object.clense
  • mf.object.typeMap
  • mf.object.containsKeys
  • mf.object.containsVals

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