mf Object Methods Part 2 {mf.object}

This is a series of posts that explains some of the fundamental rules for developing complex JavaScript applications and the mf framework.

In my previous post on the mf object methods I discussed several methods that act against a single object. In this next series of object methods I will begin demonstrating some of the mf object methods that deal with arrays of objects. When we look at applications within the business sphere we in most cases have to deal with large amounts of data that is displayed in grids and other standard user interface implementations. When dealing with this type of data you need to envision, in regards to a grid, what types of behaviour and functionality you need to provide to the consumer. There are some obvious features like sorting and search plus filter. As such we need to provide these types of methods as part of the object methods. In the future of mf I will be developing a store object which will make significant use of these methods. In this post I will discuss the following methods…

  • mf.object.exec
  • mf.object.normalize
  • mf.object.merge
  • mf.object.sort
  • mf.object.difSearch

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